Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by our customers. Please feel free to read it. If you have further question, please do not hesitate just drop us a message or call us at 03-3191 5985; we will answer your question ASAP.

How long does it take for blasting and protective coating to be completed?

The amount of time for blasting and protective coating application take vary on multiple factors such as weather, environment elements, and the size of the project. Do check our standard procedure to further understand the process, or contact us to have a clearer answer depending on your project.

Does KCS Protective Coating provide off-site service?

Yes, we do. In fact we do both on-site and off-site blasting and protective coating application. Speak to our customer service by calling the number 03-3191 5985, or drop us an e-mail at to make an arrangement.

What is blasting?

Blasting is basically a process used to clean the surface of any material. It is used not only to remove defects but to prepare surface for high performance coatings or to treat final products to give them luster and surface texture desired by the retail consumer.